You'll definitely want to try or see each of the must-have items on your wedding list to check if everything looks and works the way you want. You make an appointment with the hairdresser, try on the wedding make-up, the wedding dress and suit and make arrangements with the florists. However, what's often forgotten about is photography. That's what a pre-wedding photoshoot is for.

family photo of the Hungarian castle in Brno

Before we get to the the benefits of a pre-wedding shoot, we will answer the question that comes to everyone's mind at the beginning: Is a pre-wedding photoshoot necessary? The simple answer is no. But if you prefer a calmer mood during the wedding and a higher quality results from your wedding photo session, we would like to at least recommend it to you. We can give you several reasons why you should not miss out on this small investment:

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pre-wedding photo shoot of the vineyard
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Becoming relaxed in front of the camera

If you are not used to posing in front of cameras, a photoshoot on the wedding day can be a step into the unknown for you. A pre-wedding photoshoot can be a great tool expecially for those who are unsure about getting their shots taken.

Standing in front of the camera of a professional with whom you have already met and had the chance to get to know them, is way more pleasant. Don't forget that wedding photography involves a lot of loving looks, touches and even kisses. This may not be comfortable for everyone, especially when a stranger is taking the shots.

pre-wedding photo shoot by the sea
pre-wedding photo shoot by the sea west
pre-wedding photo shoot by the sea cliffs

You'll learn to "pose" naturally

The vast majority of our couples had no prior experience with photoshoots. As part of the pre-wedding shoot, you have the opportunity to try everything. If you don't have a favorite place, let us choose an eye-catching location where we can practice everything in peace. On the day of the shoot, we will find any shortcomings, eliminate possible flaws in your posing and fine-tune our communication. Nothing will surprise us on the day of your wedding this way.

pre-wedding photoshoot kisses in a hug

Learning to communicate with the photographer

Individual approach is quite important for the quality of our work. All things being equal, we will spend most of your wedding day with you. During a pre-wedding shoot, we can get to know you in such a way that will make your hectic wedding day and your standing in front of our cameras more pleasant.

We will find out both your strengths and weaknesses, harmonize them with the environment to give the shots the right edge. We will then use our skill to ensure your satisfaction with the photographic results.

Canary Islands wedding photos
wedding photos canary islands beach
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You will get better portraits and save time at the wedding

The biggest benefit of pre-wedding photography is the fact that it will save you time at the wedding, as you will already know how to be natural in front of the lens and you will know how everything is going. It means that we avoid improvising on the spot. It is therefore not surprising that that your wedding portraits will look much better than if you didn't do the pre-wedding photo shoot.

pre-wedding photo shoot by the sea bay

In conclusion

Now you know that pre-wedding photo session is not a waste of your time. It is an important step to make your wedding more enjoyable and a way of getting the best out of your wedding photographs. If you have decided that a pre-weddings sessions is the thing for you, do not hesitate to contact us!

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