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Wedding photographs

We know the fears of our couples when it comes to taking their photographs and we are ready to make them disappear. We have been documenting weddings for many years and we have photographed everything from small garden happenings to large ceremonies and elopements. We will get you ready for the camera and even show you how to pose naturally. At the end, we will show you what emotions accompanied you and your guests during the day.

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Wedding stories

Wedding photographs are there to remind you of those precious moments that are likely to never happen again. But what if the weather is bad, or the party begins in challenging lighting conditions? We are prepared for such situations. We embrace anything that comes our way and we are even prepared to take shots in the dead of night.

"I am completely thrilled with Jirka's photos, not thrilled is an understatement - when I saw them, I was overjoyed that we have such a beautiful keepsake for the wedding. He's really incredibly handy. The photos are absolutely beautiful and everyone loved them. Thank you!”

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